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The Bridge Between
Defi & Stock Market

Xidex - Decentralised Option trading on BSC
powered by Aggressively Deflationary Token with
automatically generating liquidity and static
farming just by holding the token.

Why Xidex Token!
✔️ 6% Redistribution to holder.
✔️ 6% burn on transfer.
✔️ Low fees.



To terminate the control of financial corporations and intermediary organizations. When the Blockchain revolution broke out, it became a symbol of freedom and transparency. The strong development of cryptocurrency is a testament to that. It is like a Declaration of Independence that ends fraud and dependence on dictatorships. However, dictators still stretch their tentacles, in order to take control of the market. And the birth of the DApp will be the end of all that. Based on the combination of Blockchain technology and smart contracts, we create the APP to contribute a part of our effort to gain freedom and gain ownership.


Hyper-deflationary & frictionless by design!

XIDEX token is a utility token for Xi-dex platform. XIDEX token is one of the capital subjects of support and development towards a sustainable binance Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Token: Xidex Token
Contract Address: 0x22B5d3247c45C878DeBaF86D9D83F5B0e001b640
Chain: BSC
  • Token Distribution

    Xidex has a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens. Right before we launched on Pancakeswap we burned 50 quadrillion tokens. We added 40 quadrillion tokens in the liquidity pool and burned the LP tokens, This way our liquidity is locked forever. The remaining 10% we kept as a developer and marketing fund.

  • 50% pancakeswap swap and community
  • 40% burnt
  • 10% marketing and devlopment


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xidex?

Is a decentralised binary option trading on Binance plation powered by XidexToken..

What is xidexToken

Is a deflationary and frictionless utility token used in xidex platform for option trading

Why should i hold xidextoken

Xidextoken has an automatic LP grenenration capabilty that you can earn just by holding it. 10% is charged on transfer where 5% is distributed to token holder and 5% will be burn to boost the price .

What main aim of Xidex Option Platform?

We aim at massively boost holder shares and burning xidex to moon the price as 80% staked xidex option loss will be burnt and if you win trade 180% gain will be sent back to player.

When is the launch?

15th JUNE 2021.